Vendor Enrollment begins before you become a Comdata customer. You will need to send your vendor information in a Master Vendor template to your Comdata Sales Representative. To enhance your results, only include the vendors you believe would be best suited for the Virtual Payments program and remove vendors you believe would not be receptive; employees, one-time use vendors, etc. This becomes your “scrubbed” list that is used to create your Virtual Payments analysis. Once Comdata receives your Master Vendor file as a formatted Microsoft Excel (.xls) spreadsheet, we can begin the analysis of your vendor list. Typical response time for a file analysis is 48 hours.

See the example of a Master Vendor File below. Note that red cells are mandatory and blue cells are highly recommended.

Master Vendor File Fields

Field Name Description/Comments Requirement
Vendor Name Full vendor name (no more than 140 characters) Mandatory
Vendor State Abbreviation of vendor state (no more than 2 characters), ex. KY Mandatory
Vendor City Full name of the vendor’s city (no more than 30 characters) Mandatory
Vendor Postal Code 5-9 digit zip code. Make sure leading zeros are present for MA vendors (no more than 10 characters) Mandatory
Country Code 3-digit geographic code. Example: CAN (Canada) Mandatory
Vendor Address Full vendor mailing address (no more than 40 characters) Mandatory
Vendor Phone Vendor’s 10-digit phone number. Please remove any ‘x’s for extensions and 1’s for international code Highly Recommended
Tax ID An identifying number used by the IRS Mandatory
12 Month Payable Amount The total amount paid to the vendor in the 12-month period. Please only include decimals. No commas or dollar signs Mandatory
Number of Transactions Number of payments in a 12-month period (no more than 9 characters) Highly Recommended
Vendor Number A number that identifies the vendor in your system (no more than 15 characters). Include leading zero’s where applicable. Mandatory
Location Code Code used to decipher different locations for a single vendor (no more than 10 characters) Highly Recommended
User-Defined 1 This column is for another category that you might want to add to the matching (ex. Payment type, terms) Highly Recommended