Three fields on the PS20 are used to identify a vendor in Comdata’s vendor database:

  • Location Code
  • Supplier Code
  • Customer ID

If the vendor is found, then the information on the PS20 is used along with the vendor’s information in the database to process the payment. If the vendor is not found, then the auto-enrollment fields (Supplier City, State, or Zip, Supplier Email Address 1, Supplier Name) can be used to add them.

The vendor’s email address is also necessary for sending Remittance Advices. If an email address is not present on the PS20, then the database system will attempt to locate the vendor’s record and use the email address tied to that record.

The vendor database can also determine the vendor’s payment method (PayForYou, ComdataDirect) and the method for sending Remittance Advices (postal or email). For example, if it is a PayForYou vendor, special instructions will be placed on the Remittance Advice explaining to Comdata’s PayForYou team on how to pay the vendor (telephone or web portal).