Vendor participation is vital to the success of your Virtual Payments program. Comdata’s vendor enrollment services help customers to easily recruit vendors into their Virtual Payments programs. Your Comdata Vendor Enrollment Team (VET) will work with you to convey an effective message, to enhance the effectiveness of your Vendor Enrollment program, which will help you to recruit more vendors.

The Vendor Enrollment process entails several steps. Through each step, a program administrator from your company will work with specialists from Comdata’s VET.

First, Comdata asks for a list of your vendors. Then, we check your list against Comdata’s database of enrolled vendors to identify those that already accept Virtual Payments. Existing vendors that are enrolled through another customer can be auto-enrolled.

Next, a VET specialist places your vendors into specific categories to identify campaign strategies. Once you approve, our VET will work with you to reach out to your vendors and enroll them into Virtual Payments.

Finally, Comdata’s VET will do continuous campaigning for every new vendor added to your business. It is important to send Comdata your new vendors on a timely basis (weekly, monthly or quarterly).

This section of the guide covers the following topics: