This section includes examples of all possible remittance advices vendors can receive.

Standard Remittance

This is a standard remittance that most vendors will receive when a virtual card is generated.

Remittance Advice

ComdataDirect Remittance

If you submit payments with ComdataDirect, the remittance advice will display slightly different. These remittance advices can include subscriber data if entered during issuance.

Custom Remittance

In addition, you can opt in to customize your remittance advice to your needs. This option allows you to sends remittances with your company logo and branding and even custom card art, which can help vendors identify your remittance from other possible junk email. See an example below.

PayForYou Remittance

If you submit virtual cards using Comdata’s PayForYou program, your vendors will receive the below remittance.

Straight Through Processing (STP) Remittance

Mastercard Straight Thru Processing (MC STP) is a value-added feature to Virtual Payments. The process is similar to ComdataDirect, but Mastercard will directly send the transaction information to the vendor’s acquirer. The acquirer will then generate an authorization request on behalf of the vendor automatically. With MC STP, vendors no longer need to enter each card number in their point-of-sale device to manually accept payments. However, a remit is still sent to the vendor with the information being paid, along with the last few digits of the card number (see example below). Contact your Comdata representative for more information.