The AC28010 (AC28) file is used as reconciliation for all processed payments. If you elect to receive an AC28, it will be available on a daily basis on the FTP server used to submit PS20s. To see a sample layout, contact your Comdata TRR.

PS21 Error Codes

The table below lists common error codes returned on a PS00021.

Error Codes for Batch File Payments

Error Code Description
00075 No credit/cut off – Driver Call Company
00498 The customer number is required
00582 Codeword cannot be blank
00671 The account number is required
01067 Security code is invalid
01092 Supplier code cannot be blank
01099 The invoice number cannot be blank
01100 Invalid invoice date format
01101 Invalid due date format
01103 Supplier email address 1 has an invalid format
01104 Supplier email address 2 has an invalid format
01106 Invalid supplier mail address
01108 No email address found for email enrolled vendor
01112 File name contains invalid customer ID
01113 File name contains invalid account code
01116 The vendor declined to participate. Payment cannot be processed.
01117 Invalid vendor enrollment provided
01140 The total invoice amount for this supplier is not greater than 0
01154 Invalid vendor enrollment status
01155 No vendor banking information
01156 Incomplete vendor banking information
01163 No customer-vendor information
01121 The record is set to be grouped by invoice number but no invoice number is present
01180 Subscriber name is required
01162 Duplicate payment request record
01181 The subscriber account number at the biller is required
01186 The payment was not processed successfully, please resubmit the file.
01188 Gross amount is invalid
01189 The net amount is invalid
01190 The discount amount is invalid
01191 Invalid invoice number
01192 Invalid virtual card invoice number
99999 System error – Contact Comdata
Default The payment request cannot be processed. Contact Comdata.

Programming-FTP Notes

  • All character fields are left-justified.
  • All numeric fields are zero-filled if they are not used, the decimal is implied.
  • A carriage return/line feed is required at the end of each record.
  • All character values are in upper case.
  • All fields are tab-delimited (including the Header and Trailer fields).
  • If field value exceeds the maximum length, the value will be truncated for processing.
  • Double quotes cannot be used in any field value.


  • Only one Account Code and Comdata Virtual MasterCard enabled Customer ID per file.
  • Each record can fail on its own, partial updates are possible.
  • Any records with errors will be reported in the response file. Error codes appear at the bottom of the file/record layout.
  • Date fields must be filled in, though the values can be whatever the customer wants to use, as Comdata’s system will pass through the information in the response records.
  • Fields with a ‘P’ in the required column on the PS20 are necessary for auto-enrolling vendors.

File Naming and End of File Marker

  • To process: File Naming Convention for FTP: AcountCode.CustomerID.PS00020.MMDDYYYY.HHMMNNNNNN
  • Response File: Comdata will rename the file as: AccountCode.AccountCode.PS00021.MMDDYYYY.HHMMNNNNNN

FTP Notes

  • Processing on the Host occurs from 1 a.m. to 11 p.m., seven days a week.
  • The customer must pull the response file from their encrypted FTP folder which will be assigned by Comdata during implementation.
  • Once the customer retrieves the response file, it will be purged at midnight Central Standard Time.
  • If the customer does not retrieve the response file, it will be purged after 30 calendar days.

FTP Protocol

This process will require an FTP client with the ability to handle Secure Socket Layer (SSL), Secure Shell (SSH) or Pretty Good Protection (PGP) encryption. The customer decides what protocol they want to use and Comdata will provide the needed sign-on and encryption key information during implementation.
The reason for security is the response file will contain active Virtual Mastercard numbers and card security codes.

Error Handling in Imports

Error handling requires the reading of the error code beginning in position 650. For successful payments, this will be “00000”. Any other code in this position will be considered an error. The next populated field is the Error Code field which appears in its correct position along with the Error Response Description to complete the file. The possible error codes from the table at the bottom of the file/record layouts will begin with position 650. The Card Issue Date and Card Expiration Date are irrelevant in an error situation as no card was issued and can be ignored. This is only useful in importing error message codes.

AP Response File Batch Number

When the AP Response File is created, a Batch Number and Batch Date are generated. The file Batch Number consists of the Buyer’s Comdata Account Number followed by a dash and a sequential number, starting with 1 and incremented by 1 for each new AP Input File received from the Buyer. VC115-0000012 is an example of a Batch Number for a response file where VC115 is the Account Number and 12 represents this file as being the 12th file submitted by this Buyer.