Below are some best practices for conducting ongoing Vendor Enrollment once you have completed your initial vendor enrollment campaign. It is important to follow through after implementation.

  • Include e-payables (another name for Virtual Payments) option as the “preferred payment method” on all contracts
  • Provide a list of vendors to Comdata on a frequent basis (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly) for campaigning
  • If you receive an update to a vendor’s e-mail address or contact, forward this information to Comdata to keep our records current
  • If a vendor calls or e-mails you directly to un-enroll from your e-payables program, ask Comdata to follow up with the vendor to see if there are any alternatives to keep them in your program. Please use the Vendor Enrollment Team as a resource.
  • Remember to send Comdata payment files on a timely basis (monthly), including:
    • Master vendor files
    • Pending monthly payment files
    • New vendor files
  • Implement an escalation process:
    • Establish escalation procedures at the beginning of the project
    • Ensure the timely resolution of issues with a Service Level Agreement of less than 24 hours
  • Establish Quarterly Reviews:
    • Review spend and vendor enrollment performance on a quarterly basis
    • Calibrate and make an adjustment to hit and exceed spend goals

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