The ePayables Peer Benchmarking report allows you to compare your ePayables program’s performance to your industry peers, both within Comdata and across the United States (US) based on RPMG (Richard Palmer and Mahendra Gupta) survey results.

The RPMG survey results reflect the performance of companies within your industry across the US that use a virtual payments program to pay vendors.

Your organization’s data is based on your ePayables program’s estimated total revenue and number of vendors. This information can be entered on the Customer Profile page in ICD (ICD > Manage > Customer Profile). This data should be updated regularly so you can stay up to date on your performance with industry peers.

The report is broken up into three pages:

  • Overall Results. Overall comparison of your program to your Comdata industry peers and all industries that use Comdata’s ePayables program, based on RPMG survey results. Also, it displays a best in class percentage that represents the top-performing company within your industry.
  • Spend Analysis. Compares your vendor and transaction spend by spend range to your Comdata industry peers and all industry peers at Comdata. Also, it compares your average merchant spend by the merchant’s industry.
  • Benchmark Notes. Detailed descriptions of the report’s purpose, sections, and terminology. Please use this as a reference for additional information.

The data in this report reflects up to the previous 12 months. The RPMG survey results and best-in-class are updated once every two years.

Overall Results

Spend Analysis

Benchmark Notes