The ePayables Outstanding Card Report provides details of all virtual cards that are unprocessed or not fully processed by your vendors. This report includes multiple tabs for viewing outstanding cards by status details including their activation status (e.g., active, blocked) and expiration status. For example, you can view only those outstanding cards with a force post or other authorization above the issued amount on the Card Amount Greater than Card Issued tab.

Each tab in the Outstanding Card Report provides the variance between the card amount issued and the amount used.

This report contains current up to the previous day (card creation data) or two days prior (transactional data). This report is only available as an Excel (.xls) download.

Selection Criteria Report Fields
Corporate Code Tabs Included: Fields Included:
Account Code Card Summary Report Tie Code
Customer ID Active Not Expired Corporate Code
Card Creation Start Blocked Not Expired Account Number
Card Creation End Cards Expired Outstanding Customer ID
Cards Expired Used Customer Name
Vendor Active Nonexpired Card Count
Vendor Active Expired Card Status
Vendor Blocked All Card Creation Date
Card Amount Greater than Card Issued Card Expiration Date
Card Expiration Status
Cycle Amount
Cycle Amount Used
Blocked Date
Blocked Reason Code
Amount Outstanding
Card First Name
Card Last Name
Vendor Name
Vendor Number
Payment Number
Remit Email 1
Remit Email 2
Last Used Date
VC Vendor Invoice Number
Cycle Amount
Cycle Amount Used