At this point, you are a full-fledged customer of Comdata’s Virtual Payments. For detailed information on implementing your account, see Account Setup.

We will begin with building your team and integrating your vendors into our database.

First, as a new Comdata customer, a team is chosen to work with you and your company to start the onboarding process, including a Project Manager (PM), Customer Relations Representative (CRR), Technical Relations Representative (TRR), Implementation Training Specialist (ITS), a Relationship Manager (RM) and a Vendor Enrollment (VE) Specialist. You will work closely with your TRR to integrate your accounting system with Comdata.

After integration is complete, the PM sends a campaign kickoff to the VE Specialist to start campaigning on your behalf. They start with your Master Vendor file that contains a list of your vendors filtered by campaign categories. These categories are vital to the Vendor Enrollment Team as it defines which campaign will work best for enrolling your vendors.

Your PM will work with you to remove vendors that you feel should not be contacted. This is called ‘scrubbing’ the vendor list.

A Vendor Enrollment Specialist will use your vendor match results to help bring your vendors on-board. Your list also reveals which of your vendors accept MasterCard as a form of payment and which of these vendors accept those payments from Comdata.

For the vendors that do not accept MasterCard as payment, we offer ComdataDirect. This gives the vendor the option to manage payments via the ComdataDirect Network. ComdataDirect uses Comdata’s own proprietary network to provide an alternative payment solution, enabling the settlement to go directly into the vendor’s designated bank account without the need for the vendor to process the credit card.