Please note that, in order to begin submitting payments through batch file, you must go through the following steps to set your account up for Virtual Payments. Ensure that every step in this list is complete:

1. Complete the following items and provide them to your Comdata Project Manager:

  • Virtual Card Accounts Payable (VCAP) Worksheet
  • Determine chosen methods for enrollment: matched enrollments, strategic calls and/or letter series
  • High-resolution file of your company logo
  • Letterhead, Signature, Title Block and Return Address
  • Have your IT (Information Technology) department set up a program-specific email address and redirect it to [email protected].
  • Have your IT department set up a generic mailbox where copies of the remittance advices will be sent (same email requested on VCAP worksheet).

2. If not already complete, scrub the Prospect Vendor Match Listing by removing any vendors that you do not want to contact (for example: employees, EFT Vendors, etc.)

3. Within the Prospect Vendor Match Listing file:

  • Review the Strategic vendor tab and add any missing phone numbers
  • Review the Letter Series vendor tab and add any missing addresses
  • Review the Known Credit Card Acceptor tab and add any missing phone numbers (for vendors with annual spend above $25,000) and any missing addresses (for vendors with annual spend below $25,000)
  • Sort the strategic listing in the order of your upcoming payables file

4. Review and approve:

  • AP Buyer Setup page in ICD.
  • Letter Mock-Ups (if applicable)
  • Welcome Email

5. Complete Vendor Enrollment Training with your AP department by reviewing the following material:

  • Comdata Vendor Enrollment Training Webinar
  • Vendor Enrollment Best Practices
  • Vendor Enrollment Quick Reference Guide

6. Complete the integration process with your TRR.

7. Complete the following items:

  • Determine timing for sending out letter campaigns
  • Review weekly updates and send Vendor Enrollment welcome emails to all newly enrolled vendors. Then, flag all newly enrolled vendors within your ERP system.