The ePayables Invoice Detail Report provides payment details at the invoice level dating to the time you request cards via PS16/20, iConnectData (ICD), or web services. This report is useful for researching payments back to the invoice level, particularly when a single virtual card has been issued to cover multiple invoices. The Invoice Detail Report provides data on your invoices and vendors paid including:

  • Invoice and payment number
  • Invoice issued date, due date, and payment date
  • Gross, net, and discount amounts

Data in this report are current up to the previous day. This report is only available as an Excel (.xls) download.

Selection Criteria Report Fields
Account Code Fields included:
Customer ID Account Code Creation Date
Vendor Code Account Name Payment Number
Vendor Name Customer ID Gross Amount
Invoice Number Customer Name Invoice Amount
Virtual Card Invoice Number Vendor Name Invoice Discount
Card Issue Start Date Vendor Number Invoice Date
Card Issue End Date Remit Email 1 Invoice Number
Column 1 Value 9 Remit Email 2 Payment Date
Column 1 Value 10 Virtual Card Invoice Number Due Date
Column 1 Value 11 Card Number Comment
Column 1 Value 12 Card Expiration Date