The PS00020 (PS20) allows Comdata to generate and send a virtual card to your vendors. The PS00021 (PS21) response file contains all of the original data from the PS20, as well as the associated transaction fields at the end, such as the card token, card issue date and card expiration date. Remember, these files are only for customers that have chosen a customized integration. To see a sample layout of the PS20 and PS21, contact your Comdata TRR.

When looking at the file layout, be aware of the following:

  • The FMT column displays whether a value entered can include characters and numbers (C) or only numbers (N).
  • P (Preferred) in the Required column refers to fields needed to auto-enroll vendors through payment submission. These values will be used to auto-enroll vendors, even if they do not exist in Comdata’s vendor database. If you do not want to use auto-enroll, these fields can be left blank. The values entered in these fields should be accurate and complete.