If you forget your ICD user ID or password, you can easily retrieve them by selecting one of the following options on the ICD Login page: Forgot User ID? or Forgot Password?.

Retrieving your Password

Follow these steps if you forget your ICD password:

1. Select Forgot Password? from the ICD Login page.

Click Forgot Password

2. In the Password Reset dialogue box, enter your user ID and then select Continue.

Password Request Enter ID

3. A message displays confirming that an email has been sent to the email address associated with your user ID. Check your email for a message titled Password Request.

User ID message sent

4. In the Password Request email, select the link to return to the Password Reset dialog box.

Password Request Email

5. Enter your user ID.

Password Reset Enter ID

6. Answer one of the security questions you set up the first time you logged in.

Password Reset Enter Security Answer

7. Enter your new password in the fields provided for confirmation. Then, select Continue.

Enter and Confirm Password

The system displays a green success message and redirects you to the login page.

Password Reset Successful

Retrieving your User ID

Follow these steps if you forget your ICD password:

1. Select Forgot User ID? from the Login page.

Click Forgot User ID

2. Enter your email address, first and last name in the fields provided. Then, select Continue.

You should immediately receive an email message titled Forgot User ID?, which contains your user ID.

User ID Request