If you are performing integration on your own, a Comdata TRR will assist you in doing a customized integration. You will need an FTP client with the ability to handle Secure Socket Layer (SSL), Secure Shell (SSH), or Pretty Good Protection (PGP) encryption for file processing. You can use any FTP client and Comdata will provide the needed login information and encryption key. You may use any existing FTP client or download one, such as FileZilla.

Integration Steps

  • Comdata will provide you file layouts for the PS20, PS21 (optional), and AC28 (optional).
  • Integrate all applicable files with your ERP system.
  • Comdata will provide you with test and production FTP credentials, including:
    • URL
    • PORT
    • FTP Connection User name
    • FTP Connection Password

After integration, a Comdata TRR will assist you with testing and troubleshooting your payment file.

Entering miscellaneous data (example: 99999) will cause system issues on Comdata’s end and delay integration.

For a sample of each file layout, select the following links: PS00020, PS00021, AC28010.

Web Services

If you plan to go the customized integration route, you can also use Comdata’s web services to fully manage your virtual payments program. With web services, Comdata provides you the necessary data to program your in-house applications to send web service requests. You can develop this data as you see fit, and use your own website or web-enabled application to issue and monitor virtual payments through a secure online channel.

For more information on how to manage your virtual payments program through web services, see the section Issuing Virtual Cards through Web Services.