The Virtual Comchek Setup page allows account administrators to modify the information fields needed to issue a virtual comchek card on the iConnectData (ICD) Virtual Comchek Order page. This is the first of a two-part process so you are able to send Virtual Comchek Cards.

  1. To access the Virtual Comchek Setup page from the ICD menu bar, select Manage > Cards > Screen Setup.
  2. The Screen Setup page displays. Select the Account Code and Customer ID, and then select Continue.
  3. Deselect all required fields except for the First Name and Last Name fields. Deselect an option by unchecking the display checkbox, which then removes required.
  4. Select All MCC Groups to display.
  5. When finished, select Submit. The Screen Set-up page shows “setup was successfully updated” above the Account Code and Customer ID drop-downs.This completes part one of the setup process.
Virtual Comchek Screen Setup Page