ICD contains several preformatted, canned reports that allow you to review specific details on your account. Use these reports to monitor and manage many aspects of your account, such as TMR transaction enhanced summary, card listings, and more. Follow these steps to access and run a report.

1. On the ICD home page, click Reporting > reportQ.

2. On the reportQ home screen, click Quick Reports.

Welcome to reportQ

3. This action directs you to a library of reports available to you. Click a report in the list.

reportQ Report List

4. Once you’ve entered your criteria, click either View Report (PDF) or Excel Download (Excel spreadsheet).

select report parameters

5. Your report will display data based on your selected search criteria. Be aware that if the report returns a large amount of data, you may need to allow several minutes for it to generate. Some reports will not generate at all if the returned data is too large, and you will need to choose different criteria to narrow the data.

sample report