The main navigation bar contains up to seven options. Note that the options available under each drop-down are based on your access permissions. If you do not see a task that you should be able to perform, contact Comdata Customer Service.

ICD Navigation Bar
Drop-Down Description
Home Returns you to the ICD home page from anywhere in the web portal.
Manage Contains all of your program task options, such as card maintenance, card ordering, and real-time transaction activity.
Reporting Links you to your reporting options, such as reportQ, which contains preformatted canned reports on your account activity, and Business Intelligence, which contains any custom reports within your account.
Find Links you to location tools such an ATM Locator and a Merchant Locator.
Payment Center Contains your online payment methods for paying invoices and your available credit with Comdata.
Resource Center Your source for up-to-date product documentation and educational resources.
Help Links you to Classic ICD and a Feedback option. Use Feedback to report any technical problems you experience with ICD.