Now that you have your profiles set up and devices mapped, it’s time to view the alerts. The information on this page will help you with reading the alert table.

1. Select Telematics / Proximity Alerts from the main menu, and the Telematics / Proximity Alerts page displays. Use the FILTER BY drop-downs to customize the display of Alerts. After setting up the filters, click Submit.

  • Status – ALL Acceptable, Unacceptable
  • Account Code – ALL Account Codes or select an Account Code
    When first navigating to this page, the ICD user’s default Account Code will be displayed here.
  • Cust ID – ALL Cust IDs or select a Cust ID
    When first navigating to this page, the ICD user’s default CustID will be displayed here.
  • Reason Code – ALL or select a specific Reason Code
Telematics Proximity Alerts

2. The Alerts are returned based on your filter selections. Once results are displayed, the user can use the Download button to export the results returned in excel format.

proximity data download

The screenshot is a small snippet of the larger set of details returned for each evaluated transaction. Click each tab below to understand the columns in each section.

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