The Express Cash Maintenance – Company Activities function enables users to review the Express Cash activity for all primary company cards for a specific time period.

1. From the main navigation bar, select Manage > eCash/Cash Wallet/OnRoad > Company Activity List.

2. The Account Activity page opens. Complete the following:

  • Select a different account code or customer ID, if necessary.
  • Enter the date range to set the review period. Then, select Submit.

    The date range is limited to a maximum of 14 months.

3. The page refreshes to display all account activity for the selected date. Review the information as needed. Select Complete to return to make another selection.

Field Name Description
Date Date of transaction
Time Time of transaction
Ref Nbr Reference number assigned to the transaction
Amount Transaction amount
Charges Charges applied to the transaction and whether these are P (invoiced to your company) or L (deducted from the Express Cash balance).
Card Num Primary Card Number
Holder Name Full name of the primary cardholder
Sender Name of person that loaded money to the card, code or location where the transaction occurred
Completion Date and time the transaction completed processing
Desc Transaction type; LOAD, SUBT, CNCL, PURC (fuel), or CASH (ATM)