This feature allows you to update multiple cards at the same time.

1. Access the Card Maintenance page from the iConnectData (ICD) menu bar (Manage > Card Maintenance).

Manage Card Maintenance

2. Enter a search to return a card listing. Then, click the search icon.

Search for Card > Card Maintenance

3. Select multiple cards from the listing by clicking the check box next to each one. Or click Select All. You will see a card image on the right side of the page for each card you selected.

select multiple cards
multiple cards selected

4. Click the Actions button to display the five functions you can perform.

Click Actions Drop Down
  • Move Card(s). Move the selected cards to a new customer ID.
  • Change Card Status. Change card statuses to one of the following options: Active, Blocked, Deleted (proprietary cards only), Lost, or Stolen.
  • Change Fuel Limits. Enter a new fuel limit for all selected cards.
  • Change Cash Limits. Change the cash limits for all selected cards.
  • Change Profile. Change the profile ID for all selected cards.

5. Click Submit after making your changes. The system will display a success or error message for each card. Use the drop-down menus labeled Successful and Error to clear all cards that received success or error messages. Use the red X buttons to clear individual cards or use Clear All to clear all cards.

multiple cards updated results