The Available Credit Information function enables you to see your total credit limit for your account(s) and the remaining credit available for use. The available credit reflects only amounts that have been posted to your account. You can also access credit information from the Credit Summary tab on the ICD home page.

This information is for review only. Do not remit payment based on the account balance shown. You will receive an invoice for payment.

1. Access the Available Credit Information page from the ICD menu bar (Payment Center > Credit Info).

select payment center then available credit info

2. The fields at the bottom of the page show zero values. Select a different account code and/or customer ID if necessary. Then, select Display.

available credit information page click display

3. The page refreshes to display the values that apply to your selected account code and customer ID.

available credit info page credit displayed

4. To view additional details on your credit information, click the Credit Summary tab on the ICD home page.

select credit summary on ICD home page

5. Enter your account code and select Retrieve balances. The page will refresh to display your current credit information. Hover your cursor over each question mark icon to understand the value of each field.

available credit info home page