If you are a Mastercard customer, follow these steps to order a Mastercard using the New Card Order feature in iConnectData (ICD).

1. To access the New Card Order page, select Manage > New Card Order.

Manage > New Card Order

2. Select an account code and customer ID for ordering a Mastercard. If you have only one account code and customer ID, these fields will automatically be filled in for you.

Order New Mastercard

3. The page refreshes to display the Card Action drop-down. Select New Card.

Mastercard Card Order

4. The page refreshes to display a Purchase Profile drop-down and Punch Card Options radio buttons. Select the card’s purchase profile and the Punch Card radio button.

Punch Card

5. After making your selections, click Continue. If needed, click Reset to clear your choices and start over.

Mastercard Order Continue Reset

6. The page refreshes to display additional fields needed to enter details on your card order. These fields will match the profile you selected. For example, if you select a vehicle card profile, you will need to complete fields for ordering a vehicle card.


Employee Card Fields


Vehicle Card Fields

7. Complete the shipping address fields, then click Submit.

Shipping Address
Field Description
ATTN The person, department, entity, etc. responsible for receiving the card. Defaults to the name of the user logged into ICD.
Shipping Address
  • Customer Address: The address on file with Comdata for the selected customer ID.
  • Account Address: The address on file with Comdata for the selected account code.
  • Card Address: Allows you to enter a custom address. Card Address contains a Recently Used Addresses drop-down that will save your five most recently entered card addresses. You can change and overwrite these addresses at any time.
Shipping Method

Select a delivery method. Depending on your preferred delivery vendor, options include:
• Fedex Two-day (2nd Day Air)
• UPS 2nd Day
• Fedex International Priority
• UPS Ground
• Fedex Priority Overnight
• UPS Worldwide Expedited

Note: If you select an expedited shipping method (Fedex Priority Overnight or UPS Next Day Air), you must accept the associated card fees. In addition, any next day order must be placed by 10:45 AM Central Standard Time for the order to meet next business day delivery. You cannot place expedited orders for P.O. box addresses.

8. A Card Order Confirmation window opens confirming submission of your order. Review the details in the window to ensure the order was processed accurately. Click OK to exit.

Card Order Confirmation