Contact a Representative to set up your account to access Alerts and Notifications. During setup, you will receive consultation from your Customer Relations Rep on the best method for mass enrolling your cardholder base.

Enrollment happens at the customer ID level, and the following data is required:

  • The account number, mobile phone number, and email address of each cardholder you want to enroll. An enrollment email will be sent to these cardholders to instruct them on enrolling. See enrollment email samples.
  • An 8-character abbreviation of your company’s name will be displayed on each alert. The abbreviation should be something the cardholder will immediately recognize. For example, if your company name is ABC Company Inc., you can request the abbreviation to be ABC Comp.
  • An optional Administrator email address(es) for receiving the same alerts your cardholders receive.

Best Practice:

Notify your cardholders that they will receive Enrollment Emails once their mobile phone numbers are enrolled. This will ensure no cardholders miss the email and forget to enroll.