How to Access your Funds through ATMs:

The Express Cash card can be used only at ATMs branded with the Cirrus® or Maestro® trademarks. To avoid ATM decline fees, check your balance through the IVR or online ( before making a withdrawal.

If you try to withdraw more than your balance allows, a decline message will be sent and a fee may be deducted from the card balance. To access your funds through an ATM:

  1. Swipe or insert your card into the ATM
  2. Enter your PIN when prompted
  3. Select “Withdraw From Checking.” If you make the wrong selection, you will receive an error message and a fee may be deducted from your card’s balance.
  4. Enter the dollar amount to be withdrawn. Upon authorization, the ATM dispenses the requested amount.If you call the IVR or log in to, you can immediately see your updated balance and transaction information.