Express Cash (eCash) is a proprietary Comdata product that allows companies to distribute payroll, settlements, reimbursements, and other cash advances to drivers and employees. Cardholders can use Express Cash to check their account balance, pay bills, register a Comchek draft to subsequently cash or deposit, as well as many other features. Follow this guide to get up and running with Express Cash.

How to Begin Using Your Comdata Express Cash:

When you receive your Comdata Card, you must activate it by calling the Interactive Voice Response Unit (IVR) system to set up a personal identification number (PIN). Services available through the IVR include:

  • Accessing your card balance and transaction history
  • Direct depositing money into your personal bank account
  • Moving funds to a Comchek Draft for cashing
  • Speaking with a Comdata Customer Service Representative (CSR)

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