FleetAdvance is Comdata’s fuel management console, providing map-based and analytical views into your fuel purchasing and driver behavior. To fully take advantage of all that FleetAdvance offers, follow these best practices and reach your fuel savings goals today!

  • Compare Low to High Scoring Drivers. Look for comparative gallons and transaction amounts between your low and high-scoring drivers. How do the scores differ? Talk with your drivers to discover this information and then share it with others.
  • Filter Transactions. Use the filter feature on the FleetAdvance Console to view only red pins (transactions scoring less than 60), and check this several times per day. You can also set up to receive text or email notifications for low-scoring transactions as they happen. Talk to the low-scoring drivers to determine the best performance improvement method.
  • Monitor a Driver’s Transactions. Be aware of drivers with more or less than the average number of transactions in a specific period. This could be another opportunity for education or possibly a sign of misuse. Also, look out for drivers who fuel below average. Drivers should fuel the most gallons possible each day at the cheapest price.
  • Monitor the Driver Top Opportunities. Use the Driver Top Opportunities section in the Opportunity Analyzer to view drivers with below-average scores. You can expand the view to see their fueling history for repeat low-scoring locations.
  • Review the Top Performing Drivers. Communicate with drivers who consistently perform well to understand how they make their decisions. Share this information with others.
  • Talk with your Drivers. Once you’ve reviewed your driver’s performance, ask them questions such as, “Why are you fueling at this location? Is it the only option?” If so, contact the locations and discuss setting up discounts. If not, find a better alternative for the driver.
  • Additionally, monitor all of the data in FleetAdvance regularly. Log in daily and access each application you frequently use. This will help you to stay constantly aware of driver performance so you can immediately take corrective action. Do not let bad fueling behavior persist.

The information furnished herein is proprietary, confidential, and intended only for Comdata customers. It should not be duplicated, published, or disclosed in whole or in part without the prior written permission of Comdata.