You can only cancel loads on iConnectData up to 72 hours after the load posts, and this includes weekends. If 72 hours has expired, contact your account administrator. If the cardholder used a portion of the load, the administrator cannot cancel the load and you’ll need to reconcile with the cardholder.

  • To cancel a load, select Manage > Branded Debit.
  • On the next page, select any option underneath Branded Debit to populate the entire list.
  • Expand Cardholder Information with the + symbol > select Search Existing Cardholders. Search by Cardholder Reference NumberEmployee Number, or Last Name.
  • Then, click Search.
  • On the next page, click Load/Cancel Funds next to the cardholder’s line item.
  • Then, click Cancel Load next to load and confirm cancellation. The load will cancel within 15 minutes or less.