If you run into an emergency and need access to cash, register a Comchek draft to get back on the road. Follow the steps below to extract funds from your Comdata card and place them on a Comchek. This process requires you to call the Comdata Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system at 1-800-741-6060.

Step 1: Set up your PIN

  1. First, choose a 4-digit PIN (personal identification number). When choosing your PIN, do not use:
    • Numbers in a row (1234).
    • Four numbers that are the same (2222).
  2. From a touch-tone phone, dial the IVR at 1-800-741-6060. Please enter the card number, then press the pound(#) key.
  3. The IVR asks you to enter and re-enter your 4-digit PIN number and press the pound(#) key. If you re-enter it correctly, the IVR tells you your PIN number is now registered to your Comdata card.

Step 2: Register your Comchek draft (paper draft)

Locate the Comchek draft number in the top right-hand corner of the Comchek.

  1. Dial the IVR by calling 1-800-741-6060.
  2. After receiving your balance, follow the instructions for draft registration.
  3. When prompted by the IVR, enter the amount for the Comchek draft and press the pound(#) key. Enter the amount
    without the decimal point. (For example, $100.00 would be entered as 10000# and $95.32 would be entered as 9532#.)
  4. When prompted by the IVR, enter the Comchek draft number located in the top right-hand corner and press the pound (#) key. The IVR will respond, “Please wait.” After a moment, the IVR will respond, “Your draft has been registered.”

Step 3: Complete the Comchek draft

Use the diagram below to ensure that you have the Comchek filled in correctly.

Sample Comchek