Driven Mobile App FAQs

Driven Mobile App FAQs2024-03-06T21:51:05+00:00
Who can I contact for help?2022-06-30T14:47:05+00:00

For assistance with your account, please contact our Cardholder Services team at either of the numbers below:

  • For Comdata OnRoad cardholders, call 1-866-288-9990 and follow the voice prompts.
  • For Comchek cardholders, call 1-855-737-6849 and follow the voice prompts.

You will need your card number when calling.

How do I dispute a transaction? 2024-03-11T21:13:44+00:00

Please contact Cardholder Services at 1-855-737-6849. Our service team can help you to initiate the dispute process. 


What do I do if my card is lost/stolen?2024-04-10T18:22:23+00:00

Upon discovering that your Comdata Card is missing or damaged, you should immediately contact Cardholder Services at 1-855-737-6849 so that your card can be blocked and a replacement card can be ordered. 

What types of purchases can I make?2024-03-11T21:10:54+00:00

One of the major advantages of the Comdata OnRoad and Comchek cards is that you can make purchases anywhere Mastercard® and Maestro® cards are accepted (both in-store and online).  Your card works much like the debit card that is connected to your bank account – you can only make purchases that are less than or equal to the available balance on your card.  The available balance on your card is always visible on the home screen of your mobile app. 

Can I make ATM withdrawals using my card?2024-03-11T21:44:37+00:00

Yes.  Your card can be used to withdraw funds at over 1 million ATMs worldwide that are branded with the Cirrus® or Maestro® brands 

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