Weigh My Truck is a smartphone app that allows your drivers to use their Comdata cards for CAT Scale truck weighs. To use this capability, drivers are required to follow a two-step process that involves:

  • A one-time registration of their card on the Weigh My Truck website at https://weighmytruck.com/
  • Downloading the Weigh My Truck mobile app and using the app to pay for scale weighs.

By using a Comdata card and the Weigh My Truck mobile app, drivers will experience an automated CAT Scale payment process that does not require leaving the truck or even swiping a card. Only proprietary Comdata cards (BIN: 560017) and the Comdata MasterCard cards (BIN: 556735) can be used with Weigh My Truck.

Note: Electronic and printed copies of CAT Scale tickets (receipts) are guaranteed accurate by CAT Scale. However, due to the California Weighmaster Law, the Weigh My Truck mobile app cannot be used to obtain a certified weight in California. Also, at this time, only standard trailer axle configurations can be weighed using the Weigh My Truck app.