Your drivers must register their Comdata card on the Weigh My Truck website ( by selecting Create Account. During registration, drivers must select Comdata as a payment method, prompting them to enter and validate their card number and employee/driver ID. In addition, they will enter an email address for receiving electronic copies of CAT Scale receipts. They can enter up to five email addresses in case others in the company need to receive copies, such as their fuel manager or dispatcher.

Once registered, drivers must download the Weigh My Truck mobile app. Then, when they arrive at a CAT Scale location and park on the scale, the mobile app will prompt the driver to confirm the CAT Scale location number and their truck details entered during registration. If the truck is positioned correctly on the scales, the mobile app will display a guaranteed weight, confirming the weigh is completed. That’s it! No need to swipe a card! The mobile app will recognize the stored Comdata card number and process the transaction accordingly.