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What is the Comdata Site Locator?

The Site Locator feature in the Driven for Comdata mobile app allows customers to find convenient fuel locations within the Comdata network (CDNP). The Site Locator feature helps customers save time and get them back on the road faster.

Some benefits include:

  • Anyone can access the site locator. Users will not have to log in to access the Site Locator.
  • Locations will display the discounted prices the card(s) can offer. Users must be logged in to see personal discounts.
  • Users can turn on location tracking to find fuel and maintenance sites nearby that accept their Comdata cards.
  • Various filtering options allow users to increase efficiency with less time searching for convenient locations and trying to calculate their discounts.



Use these resources to answer your Site Locator questions.

What do the different color pin drops on the map indicate?2024-03-04T17:51:54+00:00

Sites with a light blue pin drop and price banner are locations where the Comdata card is accepted. Sites with darker blue pin drops and price banners are part of the Preferred Network. These locations accept the Comdata card and also provide reduced transaction fees. Regardless of pin color, using your card at any location means your fleet’s negotiated fuel prices will be applied to your fuel purchase.

What do the Fuel, Service, Preferred, and Favorite buttons at the top of the map do?2024-03-04T17:51:24+00:00

These buttons are called Quick Filters. Clicking one or more of them will immediately filter the locations on the map to only show locations that sell fuel, provide maintenance, participate in the Preferred Network, or have been saved as one of your “favorite” locations. To remove the Quick Filter, click the button a second time.

Are the fuel prices displayed in the mobile app accurate?2024-03-04T17:50:39+00:00

We retrieve fuel prices for each location every time the Map View Screen refreshes in the app. The fuel prices displayed are calculated based on pricing information the location shares with us throughout the day and any special agreement your fleet may have with the merchant. To help you understand the current fuel price, we will also display the date that the price was sent to us by the merchant in the detail information drawer.

Why are the fuel prices missing for some locations?2024-03-04T17:50:20+00:00

Sometimes, we do not receive fuel prices from a location, or the prices we do receive are more than 24 hours old. When either event occurs, we will not display fuel prices for that location in the mobile app.

How do I know when a new version of the mobile application is available?2024-03-04T17:49:09+00:00

You’ll see a message on the Welcome Screen when a new app version is available for download. If the latest version is a minor upgrade, you can decide when and if you want to update your app. Occasionally, we may need to add new security enhancements. When the new version includes security updates, you must update your mobile app to protect your privacy.

What should I do if my card doesn’t work at a location?2024-03-04T17:48:38+00:00

Please ensure you enter the correct information when prompted by the fuel pump or register. If the card still does not work, please contact customer support at the number on the back of your card for more help.

Why does the CD logo appear for some locations?2024-03-04T17:48:14+00:00

Sometimes, locations are unbranded or have yet to give us a logo we can use in the app. When that occurs, the Comdata logo is displayed for those locations.

How To

Use these resources to learn how to use the Site Locator

Find locations that meet my needs2024-03-04T16:33:32+00:00

You can save preferences in the app by adding filter criteria in the Filters Screen. To access that screen, click the Filter icon from either the Map View or List View screen. Once on the Filters screen, select criteria from the Amenities, Location Features, Location Type, or Location Brand categories, then click Apply Filters. The mobile app will save those selections as your preferences and only display locations that match those criteria.

Remove filter criteria to view all locations2024-03-04T16:33:02+00:00

To clear one or all of the filter criteria you have saved:

  1. Click the Filter icon from the Map View or List View screen to access the Filters menu.
  2. If you want to remove all filter criteria, click the Clear All button at the bottom of the screen.
  3. If you only want to remove some filters, click the for that filter at the top of the screen OR open the menu section and deselect that item, then click Apply Filters.

Get app to show current location2024-03-04T16:35:27+00:00

To display your location on the map, you must enable Location Services on your device and then give location permission to the Driven for Comdata app from your phone’s Settings menu. Depending on your phone type, Location Services may be a main menu item under Settings, a sub-menu item under Privacy or Security, or managed independently as a permission under the Apps section. Once you locate the appropriate menu, you can enable Location Services for the Driven for Comdata app, then restart the app.

Find Locations2024-03-07T15:44:09+00:00

Enter the identifying information about the destination (City, Street, or Zip Code) in the search bar at the top of the Map View or List View screen, then click the search button. We’ll show you the five results that closely match your search criteria. Pick one from the list, and the app will display locations and fuel prices near that destination.

Get map back to my current location2024-03-04T16:42:20+00:00

Click the compass icon in the lower right corner of the map, and we’ll re-center the map to your current location. Alternatively, you can return to the Welcome Screen and click the half-page map.

Add or Remove a favorite site location2024-03-04T16:36:41+00:00

On the Map View screen, click on the pin drop for that site, and the location information drawer will appear. Click the Add to Favorites link under the location’s name, and it will become a favorite. You can take a similar action on the List View screen by clicking the Add Favorite link. If you need to remove the site from your favorites, click Remove from Favorites link under the location’s name to remove it from the favorites list

Find your favorites by clicking the Favorites Quick Filter button at the top of the Map View screen. Depending on the size of your phone, you may need to scroll to the far right of the Quick Filters to see the Favorites button.

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