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What is the Comdata Connect Card?

The Comdata Connect Card is a discount card without a credit line. It has all the same rich features as the Comdata card. Customers link a funding source, such as a credit or debit card, which will drawn immediately after pumping fuel.

We understand that every customer is looking for a cash price plus additional discounts. That’s why we cater to two types of customers. We provide a solution without a credit line for those who are credit-challenged. And for those who enjoy earning credit card rewards*, we offer a way to earn fuel discounts and their rewards/points simultaneously, ensuring everyone can benefit from the Connect Card.

*Applicable if the card used to fund the account offers additional rewards.



Manage your Account

Use these resources to set up and manage your Comdata Connect Card account.

  • FAQs

    How many email addresses can be added to one card?2024-04-16T11:47:25+00:00

    You can have up to 5 emails for users in the Driven for Comdata mobile app.

    What can cardholders access on the app?2024-03-22T16:12:34+00:00

    Cardholders may only access the remaining purchasing limit and our Comdata Site Locator.

    Why am I receiving an address match error when funding my account?2024-03-22T16:29:13+00:00

    When saving a debit/credit card in your payment methods to fund your account, the address associated with the card must match the Business Address or the Business Owner Address on file.


    I just received my welcome email. Why does it show my account had a zero balance when I loaded funds during the application process?2024-04-16T11:49:48+00:00

    You’re prompted to enter a payment method and the amount you’d like to fund initially during the Connect Card application process. That said, the initial payment is processed on the back end and not processed until the account is set up. If there are no funds when the payment is processed, the initial payment will fail, resulting in a discrepancy in the welcome email.

    If the initial amount is processed correctly, you should be able to see that balance when you log in. You can still log in and manually fund the account if that fails.

    What types of cards can be used to fund the account?2024-03-22T16:48:30+00:00

    We accept all major card logos to fund your account, including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and Amex. Please note that we do NOT accept cards outside of the United States. You cannot fund your account using Comdata cards (i.e., Proprietary Cards, OnRoad Mastercards, etc.) or prepaid gift cards.

    Why is my pre-funding limit lower than initially advertised?2024-03-22T16:52:59+00:00

    The daily funding limits are a minimum of $100 to a maximum of $3000 for Credit/Debit funding or a minimum of $100 to $9999 for ACH funding.

  • How To

    Add Debit/Credit Card As Payment Method2024-04-24T20:48:54+00:00

    1. Log into iConnectData, press Payment Center, and then Fund my Account.


    2. Click the Add a new payment method hyperlink.


    3. Select Credit/Debit Card as the funding method, then press Continue.


    4. Enter the following Debit/Credit card information: Full Card Number, Expiration Date, 3-digit CVC Security Code, and Address (must match what is on the account).


    5. After entering the information, please review it for accuracy, then press Add Card to save the new payment method.


    Add a Bank Account As Payment Method2024-03-22T15:29:15+00:00
    1. Log in to iConnectData, press Payment Center, and then Fund my Account.
    2. Click the Add a new payment method hyperlink.
    3. Select Bank Account as the payment method, then press Continue.
      • Enter the bank account information, and click Submit.
      • You’ll be presented with a Plaid iframe screen where you must select and log into their bank and then click the Allow button.
      • You will receive a success message if the bank account is verified and added. You may see validation messages if the identity check fails.
    4. After you enter the appropriate information, please review it for accuracy, then press Add Card/Add Bank Account to save the new payment method. Once successful, you can use the bank account to transfer the funds to your Connect Card.

    View Payment History in ICD2024-03-22T15:42:17+00:00
    1. Log into iConnectData and press Payment Center, then Fund my Account.
    2. Select Payment History on the left-hand side.
    3. Using the Account drop-down, select the appropriate account. Note: If there is only one account, the system will default to it.
    4. Once an account is selected, the Payment History will appear.
    Add/delete a cardholder’s email address in ICD2024-05-03T15:29:49+00:00

    1. Log into iConnectData and select Manage > Card Maintenance.

    2. Enter the card number or search criteria into the search bar.

    3. Once the card number appears, locate the Driven User Information section in the middle of the screen and select the Edit button on the far right.

    Driven User Information section

    4. After selecting edit, you can enter up to five email addresses or click delete beside the email address needing to be removed, and the card is instantly removed from the user’s wallet.

    If you add an email address, an email will be sent to the cardholder inviting them to add the card to their existing Driven Mobile App wallet, or if no existing user ID is tied to the email address, to create a user ID. 

Using the Mobile App – Cardholder

The information below is also displayed in Mobile App Help.

  • FAQs

    Who can help me with my card?2024-04-10T18:13:18+00:00

    For assistance with your account, please get in touch with our Cardholder Services team at either of the numbers below:

      • Call 1-800-741-6060 and follow the voice prompts.
      • For Spanish cardholders, call 1-800-266-3914 and follow the voice prompts.

    You will need your card number when calling.

    Why did I receive an e-mail from Driven for Comdata?2024-03-15T16:41:08+00:00

    Your Fleet Administrator has approved you to add your Comdata card with the number shown in the e-mail to a new or existing Driven for Comdata mobile app account.

    What do I do if my card is lost/stolen?2024-04-10T18:19:45+00:00

    Upon discovering that your Comdata Card is missing or damaged, you should immediately contact Cardholder Services at 1-800-741-6060 so that your card can be blocked and a replacement card can be ordered.

    How do I find my 16-digit card number?2024-03-15T16:40:48+00:00

    The card number will include the small numbers above the embossed card number on the card’s front side. Please get in touch with your fleet administrator for assistance if you do not have the card.

    What does the remaining purchasing limit mean?2024-03-07T13:11:05+00:00

    This is the limit set by your company for you to purchase fuel and other products.

    Where can I see my transaction history?2024-03-15T16:40:15+00:00

    We don’t have that feature available at this time.

    How many cards can I add to my Driven for Comdata account?2024-03-15T16:38:55+00:00

    You can have up to three cards.

  • How To

    Sign Up for the DRIVEN FOR COMDATA app2024-03-07T12:39:04+00:00
    1. Tap Login or Sign Up as a Cardholder, then tap Don’t have an Account – Sign Up.
    2. On the next screen, select Individual. On the Create Account screen, enter your First and Last Name, Phone Number, Preferred Username, Password, and Email Address (This address must match the email address of the invitation the administrator identified.)
    3. Read and check the End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy box.
    4. You’ll return to the login screen and log in to set up Multi-Factor Authentication.
    Add a Connect Card2024-03-07T12:55:19+00:00
    1. Tap Add or Apply for Card on the app homepage.
    2. Add the full 16-digit card number and tap Submit.
    3. You will receive a verification email (the email address your company provided) with a verification code to add your card.
    4. Enter the verification code into the mobile app along with a card nickname and tap Submit.
    5. Once complete, you’ll see your newly added card on the home screen.

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