You’ve received a Comdata fleet card that allows you to make purchases and gives you access to your personal funds (debit card or “ExpressCash” or “eCash”). You’ll need to accept the fee schedule to use this card for your personal funds. The steps below will guide you through the consent and activation process.

1. Navigate to This link can also be found on the sticker and the activation email. 

2. Enter your employee ID and the card number, then click Submit. Note: If the card name is OnRoad-Comchek Mobil, the employee ID is your Driven account username.


3. Review the fee schedule and click Yes for every radio button beside each item. Once all radio buttons are Yes, click Submit.


Congratulations! You have completed the fee consent process, and your card is now activated. You may click the download button to save a copy of the fee consent page. 


Thank you for completing the activation process. We hope you enjoy all the benefits of your new Comdata or OnRoad fleet card. Call our 24/7 customer support at 1-866-288-9990 if you have questions.