Enrolling in the Program

Contact a Comdata Representative to set up your account for access to Alerts and Notifications. During setup, you will receive consulting from your Customer Relations Rep on the best method for mass enrolling your cardholder base. Enrollment happens at the customer ID level and the following data is required:

  • The account number, mobile phone number, and email address of each cardholder you want to enroll. An enrollment email will be sent to these cardholders which will inform them of the Comdata Alerts and Notifications program, as well as provide enrollment instructions, terms and conditions, and a privacy policy. See a sample of the email below:

Enrollment Email

As a Comdata OnRoad Mastercard cardholder, you have been entrusted by your employer to make business-related purchases on behalf of your organization. One of the security features of your Comdata OnRoad Mastercard is an Alerts and Notifications system that allows you to authorize or deny transactions that are flagged as being suspicious via text message from your mobile phone.

Message frequency varies. Message and data rates may apply. To take advantage of the Alerts and Notifications security feature, simply take the following action:

      • Text the word IN to 57911 using the mobile phone associated with your card
      • You will receive a return text message confirming your enrollment in the program. Once you enroll, you will only receive text messages when Comdata’s fraud detection system flags a purchase as being suspicious. Please enroll as soon as possible to ensure the security of your card and your organization’s funds.

For more information about the value of this program, you can visit www.comdata.com/alertsandnotifications. For all other questions, contact your organization’s fuel card administrator. Thank you.

  • An 8-character abbreviation of your company’s name, which will display on each alert. The abbreviation should be something the cardholder will immediately recognize. For example, if your company name is ABC Company Inc., you can request the abbreviation to be ABC Comp and then ABC Comp Card Alert will display on each alert to the cardholder.
  • An optional Administrator email address(es) for receiving the same alerts your cardholders receive. Notify your cardholders that they will be receiving Enrollment Emails once their mobile phone numbers are enrolled in the program. This will ensure no cardholders miss the email and forget to enroll.

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